HealthKOSTM is a powerful
use of technology to improve
patient quality of care

Changing healthcare from the patient’s point of view to better manage their own health under supervision of their doctors. It tracks the patient health information and systematically presents it to the doctor to intervene early in case of need.

  1. Cannot forget to take medications:
    Automatic reminders to take their medications and ability to track.
  2. Cannot forget doctors’ appointments:
    Automatic reminders of scheduled doctors’ appointments.
  3. Cannot forget to check vitals:
    HealthKOS reminds and tracks the vitals e.g. blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, oxygen saturation etc. by seamless integration with home medical devices.
  4. Ability to maintain ‘Health and Wellness’ through ‘Health Score.” Knowing what is needed to maintain good health. Patient is reminded of e.g. Flu shot, Mammogram, Colonoscopy etc.
  5. Personal records at your finger tips with the ability to share with family or other doctors in case of need.
  6. Ability to reach doctors ‘easily’ through help button.
  7. Care plans electronically available – get rid of all the paper instructions

Now physicians are able to provide ‘quality care at reduced cost’ which translates into better patient care and reduced financial risk.

  1. Medication Tracker:
    ⋅  Ability to know whether patient is taking or missing the medication
    ⋅  Decrease medication error
    ⋅  One place to manage the patient medications
  2. Remote Monitoring / Vital Tracker:
    ⋅  How patient is doing at home?
    ⋅  Decrease hospitalizations by intervening earlier
  3. Close Care Gaps: Improve Quality Metrics / HEDIS Scores
    ⋅  HealthKOS Campaign Module – close care gaps easily
    ⋅  Automated alerts to the patient through HealthScores
  4. Ability to perform and track 153 CPT remotely, such as:
    ⋅  Chronic Care Management
    ⋅  Biometric review
    ⋅  Transition of care from hospital
    ⋅  Telehealth Module


Help prevent and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, hospital re-admissions and ER visits.

  1. HealthKOS remote monitoring with automated algorithm will help prevent/reduce unnecessary hospital re-admissions.
  2. Medication management module: decrease the medication error and increase compliance will help prevent/reduce unnecessary hospital re-admissions.
  3. Can direct patients currently in the hospital network to the most appropriate point of care (Physician office, Urgent Care Clinic, Hospital ER)
  4. Improve quality metrics

The HealthKOSTM platform is easy to launch

  • SaaS-BASED MODEL: no hardware or software to buy, install, maintain
  • CLOUD-BASED MICROSOFT AZURE PLATFORM: access data from anywhere
  • MOBILE APPLICATION: developed for both Android and iPhone devices
  • ENCRYPTED & SECURE: Azure recognized as the most trusted cloud
  • HIPAA COMPLIANT: privacy and security of PHI under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
  • CUSTOMIZABLE & CONFIGURABLE: can be configured to emulate or enhance workflow
  • VENDOR NEUTRAL: technology is designed to exchange information across platforms through vendor-neutral interfaces compliant with DICOM & HL7 standards
  • RELIABLE & SCALABLE: runs on a network of Microsoft data centers across 44 regions globally
  • TRANSPARENCY: with robust reporting and dashboards, healthcare organizations can monitor patients individually or across their population, in near real time, more efficiently
  • COST EFFECTIVE: easy to deploy with a predictable, per patient per month (PPPM) pricing

4 Reasons to Consider HealthKOSTM

  1. Provides powerful tools to both patient and provider to improve quality care and reduce financial risk.
  2. Automated algorithms bridge the communication gaps between patient, family and providers.
  3. Single login to manage the patients. One place does it all whether it is remote monitoring, medication management or telehealth.
  4. Only solution which improves quality metrics like HEDIS and STAR scores.
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